Mitchell Group Holdings Pty Ltd (“Mitchell Group”) of Australia and Gas Sensing Technology Corp (trading as “WellDog”) of the Unites States are pleased to announce that they signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) dated 1 March 2012.

Under the MoC Mitchell Group and WellDog have agreed to cooperate to maximise the potential of each company’s respective and mutually compatible capabilities in the provision of services and equipment to the energy industry globally*. The MOC is for a period of 12 months, but may be extended. Both companies will combine their strengths, market presence and expertise to develop improved service techniques and equipment, ultimately providing Clients with a superior quality of service. Once opportunities for joint offering of services are identified, the parties will agree formal documentation.

The MoC represents a meeting of the minds for both companies who are driven to enhance and maximise their service offerings and grow their businesses internationally. For customers, it means superior services in both drilling services and reservoir analysis can be obtained concurrently.  This provides a more complete offering to customers with the knowledge they are obtaining quality service with seasoned operators in the market.

“WellDog is no stranger to our Group and this agreement is representative of our alliance and mutual aspirations for continual improvement, the provision of world-class services and expansion in the energy sector. I am confident that by leveraging off each other’s capabilities we will grow together and take on opportunities that we might otherwise have missed. It’s an exciting time for both of our companies.” – Mitchell Group CEO, Nathan Mitchell

“Our companies have independently built reputations for innovation in providing economic technologies and services for unconventional gas discovery and production.  Marrying our services in order to provide an integrated, best-in-class solution for customers in emerging markets is a logical next step.” – WellDog CEO, John Pope.

About Mitchell Group

Mitchell Group is a privately owned investment company with a focus in the global coal, unconventional gas and resource sectors. The company has a high global reach employing approximately 250 staff worldwide on a number of drilling operations and pipeline port and LNG projects. In addition to operating a number of wholly owned companies, the Group has significant interest and varying involvement in multiple energy and resources investments.

About WellDog

WellDog (trade name of Gas Sensing Technology Corp.) is a privately held company that applies a diverse set of innovative technologies to address the numerous critical needs of unconventional oil and gas and alternative energy industries in a high volume, low cost manner. Its flagship gas testing technical service has identified more than half a billion dollars worth of natural gas in hundreds of coals around the world over the past ten years, while enabling resource producers to preserve more than a billion gallons of water.  WellDog now provides five business services to the coal seam gas and coal mining industries including gas testing, permeability testing, permanent monitoring sales and installations, downhole water/gas separation and re-injection, and reservoir engineering services.  The company has offices in Laramie, Wyoming and Brisbane and Roma, Queensland.  More information is available at

*Worldwide, excluding Australia