WellDog Pty Ltd announced today that it has expanded its business lines to include permeability testing for coals and shales.  The company has accumulated top talent and best-in-class modern equipment over the past several months and has recently won competitive tenders for permeability (drill stem testing, or DST) work in Australia’s coal seam gas industry (CSG) and conventional oil and gas industries.

“We already use DST and injection strings to isolate zones during our coal gas testing work,” said Michael Thomas, chief operating officer of WellDog.  “Since in that work we typically deliver permeability data, along with gas content and saturation data, offering standalone permeability testing to our clients is a natural extension.”

Permeability tests measure how fast water and gas can flow through coal and shale, allowing producers to more accurately predict gas production.  The measurements can also be used to evaluate the success and extent of hydraulic fracturing.

WellDog builds and sources top equipment in the industry, including open hole DST strings with multiple reset inflate technology, as well as real-time electromagnetic telemetry technology, to support the standard Australian CSG build up testing mode, as well as open hole injection strings with multiple reset inflate technology suitable for build up testing, injection fall off testing, and diagnostic fracture injection testing (DFIT).

In addition, WellDog has assembled the top technical, operational and management team in the industry representing more than 50 years aggregate experience in CSG:

  • Mike Thomas, COO at WellDog.  Thomas previously managed a large Australian DST business as acting COO.  During his brief tenure there, he managed more than 120 successful tests with no failures.  One of the largest CSG producers in Australia, a customer at that time, identified his managed operation as “significantly improved.” Thomas is an expert in staff management, logistics, scheduling, procurement and customer service.
  • Craig Thorne, DST manager at WellDog.  Previously General Manager at DST Australia Pty Ltd, General Manager at Oil Tools International, and Senior Supervisor, Wireline Slickline Services, Gearhart Australia.  Over ten years of serving the CSG and conventional oil and gas industries in Australia, Thorne has overseen more than 2,000 open hole drill stem tests.  In addition, he has managed DFITs, injection fall off tests, and cased hole DST work, and designed and commercialized specialty equipment such as DFIT tools.
  • Kane Murphy, field operations supervisor at WellDog.  Prior, Murphy was Drill Stem Testing Supervisor at FarleyRiggs.  During his tenure there, he supervised more than 400 drill stem tests and operated more than 1,200 drill stem tests in Australian CSG and conventional oil and gas.  He has successfully completed a range of coal seam gas and conventional onshore safety and equipment operator certifications.
  • Cameron Edwards, DST supervisor at WellDog.  Prior, Edwards was Drill Stem Testing Supervisor at FarleyRiggs and Equipment Operator at BJ Services.  Edwards has supervised more than 200 drill stem tests and operated more than 600 drill stem tests, essentially all in Australian CSG.  He has also successfully completed a range of oil and gas, and coal mining, safety and equipment certifications.
  • Michael Siefert, field operations supervisor at WellDog.  Prior, Siefert was Data Acquisition Operator at FarleyRiggs, both servicing DST equipment and performing onsite DST operations.  During this tenure there, he supervised data services for more than 500 drill stem tests. He has also successfully completed a range of coal seam gas safety and equipment operator certifications.
  • Paul Renouf, reservoir engineering manager at WellDog.  Previously managing director of Reserves Exploitation Services.  Renouf is a reservoir engineer with wide ranging experience working in and consulting to coal seam gas operators and coal mines.  He is expert in DST design, planning and management, as well as complex pressure transient analysis and how it can be used to predict reservoir production potential impacts.  During his career at Santos, Westside, Questa and Huber Energy, Renouf worked in a wide variety of North American and Australian basins.
  • Michael Wayne, data acquisition manager at WellDog.  Previously Manager, Data Acquisition at FarleyRiggs.  Wayne is expert at using EM telemetry systems to acquire real-time pressure transient data during permeability testing in Australian coals, personally managing more than 600 drill stem tests over the last three years.  Prior, he worked at Expro supervising data acquisition during wireline and surface well testing jobs both onshore and offshore.
  • Nick Nazarovs, sales manager at WellDog.  Nazarovs previously was business development manager at FarleyRiggs, Australasian General Manager at RigCool Australia, and Asia Pacific Regional Technical Sales Manager at Expro.  Nazarovs advanced through Expro starting as a case hole services field engineer.  He has planned, sold and supported thousands of drill stem tests for coal seam gas over the past three years.

The company’s business streams based on the service are PermSpotterTM for coal gas and shale gas customers and PermMapperTM for coal mining clients.