New IECEx certification means all components of company’s downhole pressure monitoring systems are now certified for use in coal mine drainage and other mission-critical applications

WellDog announced today that its downhole pressure gauges have received international intrinsically safe certification for safe use in explosive environments.  This certification now allows the company to provide systems for continuous monitoring of coal seam pressures to the coal mine industry.

“All other system components have always been certified intrinsically safe for explosive environments,” said Mike Thomas, COO of WellDog.  “With this new certification recognizing the safety of our pressure gauges, we believe we now offer the safest and most reliable low cost permanent downhole monitoring system in the industry.”

These systems are used to measure pressure during dewatering of coals.  Such dewatering is required in order to produce methane gas from the coal.  That gas must be removed by coal mines in order that safe mining operations can commence. The gas is also produced in order to be sold as natural gas by coal seam gas companies.

Downhole pressure gauges enable companies to protect the mechanical integrity of the coal and tune the dewatering process to maximize gas production and minimize water production.  In this way, dewatering and gas drainage/production times can be accelerated and production of coal seam fines avoided.

WellDog sells and installs permanent downhole pressure gauge systems for the coal seam gas and coal mining industries.