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Climate change is a growing global concern and much importance is being placed on our ability to successfully sequester carbon dioxide. Reservoir compatibility, reservoir quality and reservoir containment during sequestration activities are the main drivers that dictate sequestration success.

Launched in 2015, WellDog’s Carbon Services division focuses on reliable and cost effective monitoring, verification and accounting for geologic storage of C02 and methane.

WellDog’s first application of C02 MVA was in the Pump Canyon of New Mexico in 2010.  Since that time, the company has used its technology suite to conduct a variety of studies on naturally occurring carbon dioxide in coals and has used its complimentary technologies to measure permeability and flow characteristics of underground formations around the world.

Our Carbon Services division is dedicated to applying WellDog’s technical and business innovations and subsurface expertise to ensure that carbon dioxide can be sequestered safely and efficiently in geological formations.  WellDog’s product portfolio includes the world’s only technical service capable of practical, direct measurement of carbon dioxide or methane injected in underground depleted oil and gas and saline formations.

The suite of WellDog reservoir characterization services and monitoring solutions deliver the ability to measure sequestration performance during monitor, verification and audit (MVA) activities.

  • Increase understanding of storage efficiency and effectiveness
  • Evaluate interactions of CO2 (and associated gases) with formation solids and liquids
  • Assess environmental, safety and health impacts of the entire sequestration value chain
  • Life-of-project monitoring from pre-operation to post-closure

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