CarbonTracker is an electronic or fiber optic downhole monitoring system used to monitor sequestration processes for Monitor, Verification and Audit requirements. CarbonTracker downhole gauge monitoring systems are engineered to overcome two historical client challenges, cost and reliability. Systems are cost effectively engineered to conduct long term surveillance of sequestration performance.

More than 3,000 downhole gauges have been installed at a 95% success rate. In total the company has deployed 5.7 million feet of cable and has 70,000 hours of operational experience. With more than 30 million hours of data logged it is clear that CarbonTracker delivers a compelling value proposition

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  • Fit-for-purpose, reliable and cost effective
  • Sensitive, high resolution pressure sensors with exceptional long term stability
  • Modular, freely configurable downhole gauge architectures Metal-to-metal seals throughout to optimize robustness and long term reliability
  • Permanent or retrievable architectures
  • Flexible surface data acquisition systems
  • Suitable for both shallow aquifer and deeper underlying hydrocarbon/saline reservoirs penetrated by the same well
  • Identify degree of hydraulic connectivity between aquifers and hydrocarbon/saline reservoirs and between aquifers using variety of tests, such as slug tests, pulse interference tests and vertical interference tests
  • Improve understanding of connectivity between aquifers