GasSpotter is a coal focused technical service that uses the industry’s only downhole wireline and wellhead Raman spectrometer systems to measure key reservoir parameters of gas composition, gas content, critical desorption pressure, gas saturation and required drawdown to production. It is the only downhole in-situ coreless measurement that can be completed as soon as the well has been drilled with actionable data immediately available for feedback into the completion decision making process.





  • Proven technical service with more than 500 reservoirs logged globally
  • Delivers gas composition, gas content, critical desorption pressure, gas saturation, required drawdown to production
  • Patented wireline and wellhead systems deliver operational flexibility and can be deployed during both exploration and production phases of the resource exploitation cycle
  • Allows simultaneously geochemical analysis of methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and higher hydrocarbons
  • Measurement of fluid phases, both gas and water, allows bypass of the petrophysical heterogeneity that are present in core samples
  • In situ analysis allows analysis of hundreds to thousands of fluid samples for each coal seam insures accurate representation that’s impossible to achieve with a few samples
  • Combination of in-situ gas measurements with adsorption isotherm data delivers the most accurate and representative gas-in-place data available
  • Results from this service can be made immediately available post job
  • Reserve auditors will book reserves using data acquired from this service