Shale SweetSpotter is a reservoir geochemical characterization service for Shale reservoirs. The service was developed to identify the locations where natural gas and natural gas liquids occur in shale formations, allowing producers to focus development efforts, reduce drilling costs, optimize production, and reduce the number of hydraulic fracturing stages and associated water usage.┬áThis service uses the industry’s only downhole Raman spectrometer to directly identify locations of producible hydrocarbons across the formations, making the service more accurate, reliable, affordable and quick to deploy in comparison to traditional lab-based services.




Downhole environmental conditions can be very challenging. WellDog has successfully met that challenge by designing, building, and testing the smallest and most rugged high performance Raman spectrometers in the world and packaging the laser and optics into a four-conductor wireline tool form factor. These spectrometers are encased in corrosion-resistant stainless steel housings built to withstand reservoir pressures and temperatures. Unconventional reservoir data collected downhole is transmitted in real-time to the wellhead via a wireline. Optical spectroscopists and reservoir experts validate and interpret reservoir data while the field crew is still at the well.


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  • Locate NGL sweet spots in shale formations
  • Ability to generate NGL chemical composition versus depth log
  • Understand composition of the reservoir versus depth to identify NGL entry point, and identify the kick-off point to land the lateral section
  • In situ-based measurements yields representative estimates of key shale reservoir quality parameters