The WellDog GasMapper service provides key coal seam data using in situ testing techniques in existing exploration holes.  As a result, it enables coal mine operators to explore faster and more cost effectively without sacrificing safety, even in deeper, gasier coals.

WellDog has prepared this extended animation of the coalification, gas hazard and GasMapper testing processes. To view it, click the above image.

GasMapper has certain important features that make it attractive when exploring for coal seams:

  • Revolutionary combination of Australian innovation and American invention
  • Significantly reduces exploration costs and time
  • Enables accurate sizing of ventilation systems, optimising operating costs and minimizing GHG emissions
  • Trialled successfully with some of the largest coal miners in the world
  • Can be performed in chip holes – no core hole needed
  • 33% fewer drilling meters means 33% less drilling costs – and 33% less exploration time
  • Widely accepted by coal seam gas auditors, enabling mine to book gas assets if desired
  • Does not require supporting on-site laboratory, so suitable for remote locations
  • Also measures carbon dioxide, if desired
  • Avoids data uncertainty associated with ex situ and rock-based measurement techniques
  • Coal mine safety experienced service provider
  • The only testing method auditable for accuracy
  • Tests shallow and deep seams

GasMapper provides a number of key advantages to operators that employ it, including to:

  • Ascertain whether a particular coal requires gas pre-drainage prior to mining to maximize safety and minimize greenhouse gas emissions.
  • If a coal requires gas pre-drainage, plan appropriate well types and spacing’s to dewater and drain the seam quickly and effectively.
  • Map where gas occurs in a target coal field so that pre-drainage operations can focus on high gas areas.
  • Accurately predict gas pre-drainage time required before underground mining can commence.
  • Accelerate new coal mine exploration by reducing dependence on drilling rigs.
  • Prove that pre-drainage operations comply with regulatory requirements before drainage commences.

GasMapper is designed for open hole, multizone situations, enabling you to quickly evaluate foundation and stringer coals in the same wellbore. And it’s suitable for drainage holes, allowing you to quickly validate initial drainage plans during subsequent drainage operations.