WellDog offers innovative and unique applied research capabilities based on 17 years of associated industry and lab testing experience. WellDog’s team of analytical scientists are used to solving challenges associated with accurate determination of various rock, geochemistry and fluid characteristics including the reservoir quality of coal, shale and conventional hydrocarbon resources.

These applied research and development activities are undertaken at WellDog’s Reservoir Technology Center in Laramie, Wyoming USA. This center occupies new premises with the layout and architecture tailored to address the particular demands associated with making high precision measurements of chemical mixtures at simulated reservoir conditions, as well as prototype development and manufacture of advanced chemical sensing systems in controlled environments. The 17,000 sq. ft. facility includes specialized laboratories, collaborative desktop engineering areas, operations assembly and testing areas, manufacturing and maintenance workshops, conference rooms and a training function facility. The center also provides the setting for collaboration with the country’s leading universities and customer research groups to establish a global center of expertise in applications for downhole chemical sensing.

Building on the strength of the company’s proprietary chemical sensing technologies and services and its growing international customer focus, the WellDog Technology Center has been expanded to also develop, source, advance and manage a diverse set of other innovative technical solutions. The scoping, feasibility evaluation, development and maturation of these new capabilities are all subjected to a rigorous stage-gate innovation process to ensure they are fit-for-purpose, reliable, and deliver value geared towards reducing environmental impact, increasing safety and improving ultimate recovery of hydrocarbons from reservoir assets.

Consulting Services are also offered on a project basis. Not only does WellDog have access to in-house expertise, but can pull from industry and academic resources as needed to successfully provide expertise or complete your project