WellDog has a state-of-the-art laboratory that can simulate actual unconventional reservoirs at reservoir conditions. That work to date has included simulation and analysis of coalbed methane, shale and conventional sandstone reservoirs.

Simulation of subsurface reservoirs and other geologic formations are particularly challenging because they typically involve mixtures of gas, liquid and rock phases that are subject to extreme pressure and temperature conditions. In many cases, the phases interact with each other physically and chemically in ways that are poorly understood by scientists. Reproducing those physical and chemical conditions in the laboratory over reasonable timeframes requires the ability to prepare, move and combine materials under harsh conditions.

Over the past decade WellDog has successfully simulated and characterized thousands of reservoirs in the laboratory using its proprietary system. The company regularly uses its simulated reservoirs to calibrate its Reservoir Raman systems.

One outcome of this work has been the world’s first observation of gas production from coals and other formations under controlled laboratory conditions. Videos of that gas production have been distributed widely by research and educational institutions.