Permeability is a key consideration when planning how to develop, complete and produce unconventional natural gas reservoirs. Through its extensive network of partners and suppliers, WellDog has sourced a variety of permeability measurement platform solutions.

WellDog utilizes best-in-class open hole drill stem test technology platforms to conduct its permeability test services. These technology platforms include conventional and inflate drill stem testing strings in both single and straddle packer configurations suitable for injection and build-up tests. The company also offers best-in-class wireless telemetry systems and closed chamber options that enable real-time analysis of accurate pressure transients under various wellbore conditions.

WellDog is pioneering combination of permeability testing equipment with its Reservoir Raman systems. This revolutionary work enables WellDog to provide the world’s only integrated, immediate measurement of permeability and gas content for coals. It also has allowed WellDog to quickly perform its gas testing measurements in open and case hole multi-zone completions.