Harsh Environment Raman Spectroscopy

WellDog pioneered the development of Raman spectroscopy to geochemically characterize oil and gas reservoirs. That work to date has involved design and manufacture of cutting-edge, high performance, ruggedized Raman Spectroscopy Systems suitable for hot and high pressure environments typical of subsurface reservoir conditions.

Long Term Subsurface Pressure Monitoring

WellDog is able to offer a number of different electronic and fiber optic technology solutions.

Subsurface Permeability and Flow Capacity Testing

Permeability is a key consideration when planning how to develop, complete and produce unconventional natural gas reservoirs. Through its extensive network of partners and suppliers, WellDog has sourced a variety of permeability measurement platform solutions.

Subsurface Geochemical Laboratory Simulations and Testing

WellDog has a state-of-the-art laboratory that can simulate actual unconventional reservoirs at reservoir conditions. That work to date has included simulation and analysis of coalbed methane, shale and conventional sandstone reservoirs.

Well Completion Erosion Protection

In the current environment of low oil prices, operators are under tremendous pressure to reduce production costs and improve production. The only sustainable option for operators is to introduce new technologies that increase efficiency, improve reliability and lower initial & operating costs.