WellDog pioneered the development of Raman spectroscopy to geochemically characterize oil and gas reservoirs. That work to date has involved design and manufacture of cutting-edge, high performance, ruggedized Raman Spectroscopy Systems suitable for hot and high pressure environments typical of subsurface reservoir conditions.

The Raman effect occurs when light scattering from a material excites the natural vibrational motion of the interatomic bonds in that material. During that excitation, the photons comprising the light lose a certain amount of energy and therefore change in color.

By measuring the color of the resulting photons, Raman spectroscopy identifies the materials. By examining the number of photons at each color, Raman spectroscopy also measures the concentration of the materials.

Accurate, reproducible analysis of materials in harsh environments such as the deep ocean, or in an oil and gas well, is a demanding task that requires reliable equipment, careful operation, and intelligent interpretation. WellDog is the world’s leader in making such measurements.

WellDog has geochemically characterized hundreds of oil and gas wells globally. Using its internal engineering and manufacturing infrastructure, the company builds and deploys Reservoir Raman Systems capable of geochemically characterizing unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.