PCPDefender is a solids diversion solution that is used in combination with a progressive cavity pump (PCP) to increase production uptime and decrease workover frequency.

Hundreds of PCPDefender have been installed and proven to be highly reliable. The valve automatically diverts solids settling in production fluid during shutdown, into the annulus and away from the top of the pump. This production optimization solution is a key technology that drives increased gas production and decreased workover costs.


  • Increase pump run life by diverting settling solids into the annulus during shutdown
  • Managing solids production increases the time between workovers leading to more gas production and reduced work over cost
  • Industry leading solution for “pump off” – the condition caused when the pump no longer has fluid inflow from the reservoir.
  • Valve operation during shutdown primes the PCP with fluid and prevents the stator from running dry, hence increasing pump run life


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