AquaTracker is an electronic downhole monitoring system used to measure individual aquifer pressure around coal seam gas developments. AquaTracker provides long term monitoring of aquifer pressure in order to quickly and accurately ascertain whether nearby coal seam gas developments are impacting quality levels.

Groundwater is an essential resource for agricultural, municipal, industrial, stock and domestic users. Careful management of groundwater resources is essential to ensure responsible development of coal seam gas resources.

The Complete AquaTracker™ Solution –
Environmental Monitoring and Assurance


WellDog’s AquaTracker™ technology continuously monitors and records pressure and temperature of discrete aquifers within a single well. A variety of cost-effective sensor types are available for this purpose, with selection based on matching performance characteristics with anticipated pressure trends. These are incorporated into freely-configurable, modular, system multi-zone and/or retrievable architectures, featuring metal-to-metal seals throughout, and designed to accommodate a wide range of well designs and complex hydrogeologic settings. The systems can be further customized to facilitate deployment on production tubing, coiled tubing or permanently installed on multiple casing strings.

  • Establish background spatial and temporal trends in advance of hydrocarbon reservoir development.
  • Identify changes in aquifer conditions within and near areas of such developments.
  • Identify changes in aquifer conditions near critical groundwater use.
  • Identify changes in aquifer conditions near springs.
  • Improve future groundwater flow modeling.


  • Single zone and multi-zone installations
  • WellDog-hosted data or customer-specified SCADA tie-in
  • Permanent or retrievable

Field Services

  • Turnkey, fit-for-purpose systems
  • Installations
  • Retrievals
  • Retrofit and reuse
  • On-site training and data interpretation


  • Highly accurate measurement of aquifer pressure to monitor if coal seam gas developments are impacting aquifer integrity
  • Ability to measure very small changes in aquifer pressure
  • Engineered aquifer monitoring solutions deliver high success rates
  • Vast amounts of installation experience leading to installation success
  • Flexible completion designs, either single zone or multi-zone configurations in permanent and retrievable architectures


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