ResMonitor is an electronic or fiber optic downhole monitoring system.

ResMonitor downhole gauge monitoring systems are engineered to overcome two historical client challenges, cost and reliability. Systems are cost effectively engineered and used to, characterize and optimize production, or to conduct long term surveillance of reservoir performance. Access to actionable production and/or reservoir performance data delivers the ability to make informed and confident decisions.

More than 3,000 downhole gauges monitoring systems have been installed at a 95% success rate. In total the company has deployed 5.7 million feet of cable and has 70,000 hours of operational experience. With more than 30 million hours of data logged it is clear that ResMonitor delivers a compelling value proposition.


  • Engineered monitoring solutions deliver high success rates
  • Technology agnostic approach means fit-for-purpose solutions that work
  • Material selection delivers ability to re-run systems post workover on subsequent wells
  • High level of customer service leading to trusted advisor relationships
  • Vast amounts of installation experience leading to installation success


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