• 2013 Edition: #88 Fastest Growing Private Company.

  • Red Herring 100: top 100 Private Companies

  • Energy Venture Fair: Most Promising Company

  • Rocky Mtn. IQ Award: HI-TECH Instruments

  • Golden Capital Network: Best in Class

  • Silver & Gold Venture Capital Conference: Most Promising Company

  • Grants: Stripper Well Consortium Competitive Grant Awardee

  • National Science Foundation: SBIR Grant Awardee

  • Laramie: Business of the Year; Businessperson of the Year

  • Laramie Chamber of Commerce: Businessperson of the Year


  • WellDog’s results helped us confirm existing gas content data.

    - Peabody Gas
  • The State Engineer was impressed with how thoroughly your data was collected.

    - Brennan Engineering
  • You achieved an overall gas content for all the wells in the field.

    - Brennan Engineering
  • We were impressed with how easily your equipment was able to travel around the rugged terrain of our field.

    - Brennan Engineering
  • Your technology has been corroborated by our core sample findings along with our well production profiles.

    - Black Diamond
  • WellDog has been a significant component of our CBM reservoir analysis since 2006.

    - Huber Energy
  • WellDog routinely provides a fast, accurate and relatively cost-effective means of capturing data.

    - Huber Energy
  • We are avid supporters of WellDog's services.

    - Huber Energy
  • WellDog was able to highlight quickly new areas of high gas content.

    - Far East Energy
  • WellDog provides a cost effective alternative to coring.

    - Ralph Schofield
  • We are confident that their testing procedures are thorough and accurate.

    - Far East Energy

Slimhole GasMapper service now available

The new slimhole GasMapper is now available for service. The unit can now accurately measure methane and carbon dioxide gas content and coal permeability in a single, inexpensive test using HQ sized, 96 mm diameter, boreholes.

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WatchDog Data Portal

Click here to access your well data via WellDog's WatchDog Data Portal.