MaryBeth Wegner

WellDog Hires Subsurface Data Expert to Support Growth of Reservoir RockHound Service Line

Unique service provides key data regarding shale and oil reservoir producibility

(Laramie, WY) – WellDog announced today that subsurface data expert MaryBeth Wegner has joined the company to support its groundbreaking new laboratory service that objectively and nondestructively measures thermal maturity and mineralogy of shale and other rock samples.

“I am so excited to join WellDog and get the word out about Reservoir RockHound,” said Wegner. “The value add potential of this technology blows me away. The downhole tool can tell you what your fluids are and where they are coming from within the reservoir zone. The lab tool can tell you the mineralogy, TOC, and thermal maturity of the reservoir rock and how it varies within the stratigraphic column.”

“Armed with full knowledge of the reservoir, operators can more precisely target the most productive zones and will be able to drill fewer, but more productive, wells,” said Wegner. “This technology could change everything.”

Previously, Wegner worked at BP, Total, Humble Geochemical Services, Fugro-Jason and CGG GeoSoftware.  She holds a B.S. in Geological Sciences from University of Notre Dame and a M.S. in Geology from Brigham Young University.  Her industry experience covers unconventional play geochemistry, 3D geological modeling, 3D seismic interpretation, deep water exploration, basin play analysis, and software technical sales.

“As product line manager, MaryBeth is helping operators understand how this service can be a gamechanger to their reservoir assessment and completing planning efforts,” said James Walker, president of WellDog.  “We are thrilled to have her join the team.”

One of the most important parameters used in choosing how deep to drill horizontal wells during unconventional oil and gas developments is thermal maturation of shale as a function of depth.  WellDog’s service provides the only direct measurement of shale thermal maturity available.

The company spent years applying its long-standing reservoir technology expertise to developing a better thermal maturity test for shales.  The service has been validated against samples with known maturities provided by a leading independent research institution.

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