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WellDog introduces innovative new rod pump designed to operate in high gas and high solids environments

Suitable for Permian Basin and other unconventional oil and gas developments

(Houston, TX, USA) – WellDog today introduced a new, proprietary rod pump designed specifically for the high solids and high gas production prevalent in unconventional oil wells.

The HEP (High Efficiency Pump) operates with less electricity, lower carbon footprint, and longer lifetime in high gas rate and heavy solids production environments. The HEP retrofits into existing rod pump infrastructure, which makes up about 70% of oil and gas pumping systems worldwide.

“Unconventional oil production worldwide is being challenged by complications resulting from unexpectedly high production of reservoir solids and proppants,” said James Walker, President and Chief Operating Officer of WellDog.  “This new pump not only addresses that challenge directly but does it at a very high efficiency, thereby increasing our customers’ sustainability.”

The HEP uses a new type of seal that allows gases and solids to pass through the pump, as well as an innovative barrel design that reduces cost.  One result is that the HEP operates at a 90-95% efficiency rate, much higher than the 50-60% efficiency rates delivered by standard rod pumps.  The impact includes lower electricity usage, lower associated carbon footprint, reduced internal erosion, faster production of liquids, and longer run lifetime – reducing well downtime for workovers.

WellDog is one of the industry’s leading downhole technology providers, with products and services ranging from identifying hydrocarbon sweet spots to monitoring carbon sequestration processes to optimizing production rates and efficiencies. The company previously introduced its pump erosion protection technologies to the Australian unconventional gas market, increasing average pump lifetimes from six months to eighteen months.  It actively sources and develops new technical solutions directed at executing its mission of increasing the environmental and economic sustainability of its customers.

That execution established WellDog as the 88th fastest growing private company in the US, according to Inc Magazine and resulted in the company’s products being installed in more than 3,000 wells. They now deliver an incremental A$500 million in natural gas to Asia each year.

ABOUT WellDog: WellDog is a global technical services company that uses innovation to drive sustainability in the oil, gas, carbon sequestration and mining industries.  The company’s aim is to assist in improving economic quality of life without reducing environmental quality of life. For more information, visit www.welldog.com.

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