WellDog enters Chinese Coal Mine Methane Market

Working with PagodaNew Partnership with Beijing JD-S Rig Service Co., Ltd. Starts Commercial Push into New Market

11 December 2015 (Brisbane, QLD) – WellDog today announced its expansion into the Chinese coal mine methane (CMM) market via a new partnership with Beijing JD-S Rig Service Company (JD-S).  WellDog will focus on helping Chinese operators produce natural gas from coals before they are mined and thereby reducing fugitive methane gas emissions from the mines, improving mine worker safety, and increasing natural gas supplies in the country.

“Our cost effective technical products and services have been demonstrated around the world to improve finding and producing natural gas from coal,” said James Walker, COO of WellDog.  “This entry into China is a logical extension from our business successes in the coal gas industries in Australia and the USA. China’s large coal gas reserves give it the potential to become by far the largest coal gas producer.”

The agreement with JD-S provides WellDog an immediate route to market.   JD-S has a proven track record of bringing globally leading technical products and services to the Chinese oil and gas and mining markets.  The Chinese market provides WellDog a new and growing market with active demand for WellDog’s full suite of products and capabilities as Chinese mining operators come under more and more pressure to commercially produce natural gas from traditional coal fields.

“We are very pleased to have secured this agreement with WellDog which is an industry leader in the CMM market,” said James Zhao, CEO of Beijing-based JD-S.  “The Chinese CMM market is in need of quality reservoir data and production technologies. WellDog is now nicely positioned to have a significant impact in the Chinese arena.”

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